Rich academic environment with an international curriculum.

The Liberty International School believes in the importance of a quality education to provide the foundation for a student's future success. We strive to deliver a rich scholastic environment together with the highest institutional standards to meet the social, emotional and cognitive needs of all our students. 

  • Early Childhood

    Literacy and Numeracy
  • Primary 1-6

    International Bilingual Education
  • Creativity

    Arts and Non-linear Thinking
  • International Curriculum

    Early Literacy and Numeracy

    We Provide Teacher Training that
    complements the curriculum and improves outcomes

    International Curriculum

    Meets or exceeds global standards

    Trained Teachers

    Qualified & Experienced Professionals

    Future Graduation

    Pathway to Academic Success


    Common Core Standards

    Quality Education

    Early Mathematics, Language Arts, Science

    Khmer Literacy


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    Phnom Penh, Cambodia 
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    Early Childhood Education

    Teacher Training

    Teacher training for those who may wish to follow Liberty Education's  curriculum can be arranged by appointment. Please contact the school for more information.  LMS deployment is also available.