STEAM-based Learning for Early Childhood Education

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Part I: Understanding Preschool STEAM

STEAM in the context of modern education is used to show connections between content areas to give meaning and insights to the world around us.

STEAM is an acronym(science, technology, engineering, the arts, mathematics) and a framework for teaching that endeavors to integrate various subjects in a way that gives meaning and real-world context to young learners. STEAM-based learning structures and curricula offers personalized learning experiences and lessons that help students to conceptualize new ideas, fire curiosity, and improve learning outcomes.

How do we integrate these with the international preschool curriculum?
Through language arts, speaking, reading, beginning literacy we describe, touch, feel, imagine what can be done with blocks, paints, or any other tool used to measure, manipulate, or innovate.

For mathematics, we would introduce building blocks or a tape measure, and open the students to real-world, engaging activities such as measurement or counting the length of a table. These activities as part of the learning process are intended to encourage thinking that is analytical and practical while at the same time being fun and engaging.

These structures integrated into the curriculum also encourage progress and growth in developmental areas such as logic and reasoning, language and literacy, and creativity, among others. Thus, the STEAM framework is living and adaptable across culturally specific settings that will help to develop the skills and knowledge to thrive in the 21st century.



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