Looking for motivated and talented staff.

Send CV and Cover letter to:
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School address: 168, street 156, Toek Laak2, Khan Tuol Kok, Phnom Penh

1. Khmer Assistant Teachers (3)
- at least HS graduate
- can communicate in ENG
- loves children
- willing to be trained
- help head teachers
- take care of children

2. Cambodian English Teachers (4)
- at least 1 yr experience
- willing to be trained
- loves children
- responsible
- work ethics
- artistic/creative
- open-minded
- in-charge of a class
- prepare lesson plans
- prepare teaching materials
- decorate classroom
- teach according to LIS standards
- prepare reports
- keep records of students
- supervise assistant teachers that works with you in the class
- ensure safety of students
- other tasks assigned by the management

3. Marketing Staff Part-time (4)
- willing to work
- implement marketing schemes agreed upon by the team
- at least HS graduate
- can think critically and analytically
- initiative
- other tasks assigned by the management

4. Marketing Officer
- strategize marketing campaigns
- collect and analyze data for sales and marketing purposes
- monitor and supervise marketing staff
- knowledge of design concept and principles
- knowledge of marketing principles
- knowledge of the market behaviour
- ability to collate, analyze and translate knowledge and
information into an effective and successful marketing
- ability to implement/work written marketing plan/idea into
a successful campaign
- other tasks assigned by the management

5. Site supervisor / Handyman
- knowledge of construction, electrical,
mechanical, plumbing work, project supervision
- attention to detail
- willing to be trained
- able to read and implement plans
- able to make critical and sound decision
- knowledge of labor and material costs
- knowledge of local suppliers
- ability to negotiate prices
- knowledge of where and how to get contractual workers
- critical and analytic thinker
- effective decision-making skills
- other tasks assigned by the management
- overall supervision of utility people (cleaners, guards, ect)
- on occassion, supervise installation/construction/maintenance
- find suppliers of materials
- contracting affordable, good quality labor force
- able to make sound and wise decisions
- other tasks assigned by the management

Interested candidates: Please send a detailed CV and cover letter via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or deliver in person to #168, Street 156.

Requiste requirements for international teachers:

Experience teaching young learners

University degree from a recognized universtiy

hold a valid Cambodia work visa

willingness to learn and work in an innovative work environment

commitment to work with and contribute to the curriculum development through regular meetings with our staff consultant

prepare regular lesson plans consistent with our established curriculum

regular evaluation and reporting of students' progress

supervision and support of students in a multi-cultural environment

Requisite requirements for teaching assistants:

competence in both English and Khmer

reliable, possess problem-solving skills

comfortable working with children in a multi-cultural environment

International volunteers:

LIS has several positions available for those wishing to volunteer, both long- and short-term. Preference is given to those with experience and valid teaching credentials from an accredited state or national education system.

For those wishing to pursue opportunities with LIS in Phnom Penh, please send comprehensive CV and a short cover letter detailing why you are qualified and interested in joining our team of motivated educators.

Please send the relevant materials to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.