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Tips in Feeding Picky Eaters

on Friday, 16 November 2012. Posted in Parenting Tips

Methods to encourage your child to eat healthy foods

Offer a Nibble Tray.
 Children like to have a variety of food to nibble. They do not usually sit down for full meals, but rather, they like snacking all the time. Parents  should take this  as an opportunity to feed children by offering a nibble tray. This can be a tray or a plate with compartments where you put bite-sized food servings on each compartment. You can put this nibble tray at a place that the child can see and easy for them to reach. Keep in mind, too, that kids are very visual so it is important to choose a tray that is colorful and serve food in an attractive, colorful and fun way. 

Cook with your child.  You can involve your child when cooking in the kitchen by doing very simple things like mixing or handing you over some things that you need. Also, you can give him a task. For example, when making sandwiches, you can give him a plastic knife, show him how to spread mayonnaise and make his own sandwich. This can be messy but do not worry about the mess. What is important is that your child enjoys the activity. This will help change his attitude about food.

Be creative in serving food for your child.  There are a lot of ways to serve food to children. Since they are visually stimulated most of the time, you have to make sure that everything you serve is colorful, fun and appealing to their eyes. Here are some examples in serving visually appealing meals to your child.
Healthy Food Presentations for picky eaters
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