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an introduction

The nursery program at Liberty International School was created with the aim of starting to develop the cognitive, social, linguistic and physical skills of toddlers in a school setting through play and other fun activities. Our curriculum was tailored to supplement what was initially taught in the typical Cambodian home. By this we mean teaching them the necessary skills they need to be ready for preschool while keeping in mind their cultural uniqueness and orientation.

A typical day in the LIS Nursery class includes routine setting (hygiene, potty training, setting the children's schedule for meals and sleep/nap, eating habits), values foundation, story-telling, indoor play/outdoor play/pool fun, songs and dances, arts activity and games.

We invite parents to visit our school.

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Teacher Training

Teacher training for those who may wish to follow Liberty Education's  international preschool curriculum can be arranged by appointment. Please contact the school for more information.  LMS deployment is also available.