Kindergarten Math and Phonics Custom GPTs for Preschool Curriculum

ChatGPT Custom GPT for Kinder Phonics📚🌟

**Exciting News for Parents of Liberty Kindergarteners!** 🌟📚

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At Liberty International School, we are committed to providing the best educational resources to ensure your child's success. We are thrilled to announce that our kindergarten level now includes custom GPTs for both Math and Phonics textbooks, available exclusively through the OpenAI website!  These  custom GPTs, in addition to the stadard curriculum, provide individualized content and learning support for the textbooks.  

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**What does this mean for you?**

🔢 **Math Mastery**: Our custom GPTs help students grasp foundational math concepts with ease, making learning interactive and fun.

📖 **Phonics Fun**: Boost your child's reading skills with personalized phonics lessons that adapt to their learning pace, ensuring a strong start in literacy.

**How to Use:**

1. **Search for "Liberty Education"** on the OpenAI website.

2. **Select the Title of the Page** and mention the topic you are working on.  For example, "spatial recognition" and ask the GPT to create a lesson for "Over" and "under".  One can refer to the specific page in the book as the GPT model is trained using Retrieval Augmented Generation(RAG) and refers to the page and to the teacher guides.  Thus, it is a continuation of the content that the kids study while in school. 

3. **Request Activities or Images** that will enhance the lesson.  Yes, you can request images that relate to the contents of the book and the GPT will generate complementary images.  For the examples above, it would be over and under. 

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Mastery Series Textbooks available via Amazon. 


**Future Enhancements**:

- **Audio Support**: Future versions will include audio that supports the curriculum and content of the book, page by page.

This is a huge advancement that allows our learning materials to be used anywhere, anytime. If any of you need assistance, please let us know. We are here to support you!

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Discover the future of education with Liberty International School! 🌟📚

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