PRE-K Ages 4-5 & Kindergarten Ages 5 to 6 (ខ្មែរ)


A placement test will determine a child's entry level at LIS

LIS offers an academic learning experience from a dedicated and talented staff of instructors in core academic subjects (science, math skills, reading, etc) as part of our advanced preschool program. Your child(ren) will also receive important enrichment that will set them on a path for lifetime achievement.

We  believe that each child is unique with unlimited potentials waiting to be discovered and developed. A child's mind is primed for learning, like a sponge that takes in all the moisture of its surroundings. With the right environment, information, opportunities and methods to learn, we prepare the child to grow into an intelligent, confident adult equipped for success in the future. Our American-inspired curriculum is centered on this belief with the knowledge and understanding of the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardner. We understand that there are different types of intelligences and that each person has his own way of learning and processing knowledge. With this in mind, we educate your children in variety of ways using music, cooperative learning, art activities, role play, multimedia, total physical response, real life exposure, games and physical activities among others in order to give them the opportunity to approach learning through one of their high ability levels, as well as the chance to practice using other ability levels. We are also aware that following their interests helps them connect the new things they learn with what they already know and put meaningful context into it. 

The quality of early education given to your children determines a big part of their future. At LIS, we strive to deliver a rewarding, entertaining and stimulative environment.

 Curriculum:  English, mathematics, arts and crafts, early science, music, values 

Values and routines: social skills, basic life skills with emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development. 

Language Arts/English: Emerging literacy skills are fostered through language games, stories, poetry, songs, rhymes, riddles and phonics. Later, the class is introduced to the alphabet, letter sounds and recognition. Children are encouraged to recognize and write their names.

Early Science skills:  The science skills they learn allow them to make sense of the world around them and how they fit into their environment. Tactile, sensory experiences allow children to make numerous connections. Finger painting, water play and sand play are all opportunities to make predictions and observations about the changes they can bring about.

Math:  Math concepts, such as counting, patterns, sizes, colors and shapes are learned through hands on games and calculating exercises. The class is introduced to written numbers and one-to-one correspondence.  In kindergarten the students are introduced to counting and more complex tasks such as counting to 100, counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, recognizing and writing numbers.

Arts & Crafts:  We endeavor to encourage “artful minds”.  We  make learning fun  with themed activities and lesson plans that include painting, coloring, creating animals and objects from paper and other media; and we also encourage collaboration between students to reinforce good social skills.  

Music:  We provide a rich sensory environment with song and music.  Research has shown that kids who are actively involved in music do better in reading and math when they start school, are better able to focus and control their bodies, and play better with others and have higher self-esteem

Professional teaching staff:  All teachers are experienced, degree-holding  foreign nationals