Full-day program: Nursery Education & Daycare (ខ្មែរ)


The Nursery Program at Liberty International School is a happy and exciting experience for children that will build a positive attitude toward learning. Within the context of concept-based learning, we provide a wealth of experiences in a safe and relaxed environment, led by a team of highly experienced teachers who specialize in Early Childhood education.

 Hands-on Activities

Our teachers facilitate opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration. They create specialized learning environments that allow the children to explore a new activity everyday whether that be with blocks or in the role play corner. This exploration helps children to develop their fine and gross motor skills and improve social interaction. Children also engage in hands-on activities in math to explore mathematical relationships, to learn to expect and identify patterns, and to solve problems.

 Broad Exposure

All activities are designed to enable students to become inquisitive, communicative and confident young learners. We develop our students' confidence in communicating ideas to others through developmentally appropriate activities in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our centers include Math, Science, Social Studies, Language and Culture, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library Skills and Technology.

 Learning Through Play

Through years of experience, we know that play is a powerful tool for learning. Experiences with sand, water, building blocks, dramatic play, table toys, art materials, music, outdoor play, games and computers are integral to a child’s development. Play activities encourage exploration and experimentation, spark curiosity and imagination, and build children’s abilities to solve problems. In addition, play also provides children with opportunities to experiment with language and work cooperatively with others. Children enter school at various stages of social, emotional, physical and academic development. Because of our holistic educational approach, our teachers strive to meet each child’s individual needs and learning styles within those four domains. Our teachers build safe and happy environments where the students have time for individual play and begin to work cooperatively in small groups to learn and listen to and respect others. Our ultimate goal is to create enthusiastic, lifelong learners.