Teachers Matter:  Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Effective Teachers (ខ្មែរ)

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Liberty is a smaller, child-centric school committed to providing a high quality education to our students. We have developed our own curriculum that is custom-tailored to Khmer ESL learners. Our boutique-like, smaller-is-better approach applies to our teachers and staff as well. For example, each student has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to identify these on an individual level and work on them in a supportive environment. We seek teachers who are comfortable working in an environment where passion, creativity -- and results -- matter. 

Our job is to lay the foundation for future learning, shape the early character development of children, and prepare the young students for entry into excellent schools later in life. In fact, our stated goal is to prepare our students for a more competitive American curriculum later in life. This is important and challenging work and we recruit teachers who are up to this lofty ambition.

Features of Attraction:

  • Provide career variety for diversification of skills
  • Evaluate and reward effective teaching

Teacher Development:

  • We view teacher development as a continuum
  • Engage teachers in policy development and implementation
  • We provide a framework with feedback for curriculum development

Teacher Retention:

  • Provide strong support and encouragement for beginning teachers
  • Constantly improving leadership and school climate
  • Strive to cultivate an environment where creativity will blossom
  • Results matter

Please apply online using our form. And please only include your CV and cover letter. If we need to check your credentials then it will be done during the in-person interview

We support and encourage jobseekers to also register at teachingcambodia.com